Mission Statement

Our mission is to be Your Total Marine Service Provider.


The safety of our employees combined with environmental awareness is the top priority at Central Boat Rentals, Inc. The Safety Department maintains an environment of compliance, training and employee commitment. Central Boat Rentals, Inc. hires only the very best employees with a proven history of competence, professionalism and safe work practices. Great care is given to place the “right” workers on each job.

Our Belief

Central Boat Rentals, Inc. has been providing safe, reliable and cost-efficient marine transportation services to companies exploring and producing natural gas and oil in the inland and offshore waters of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama since 1967.

With a wide selection of marine vessels, barges, repair facilities and docks, Central Boat Rentals, Inc. offers its customers a full spectrum of services that can be tailored to their specific needs. Central Boat Rentals, Inc. is a proven service provider, employer and community partner in South Louisiana.

No equipment or cargo is too big or too small for us to handle. We have transported equipment manufactured in the States to the Islands in the Caribbean, and to Central and South America.

To assist you with your marine transportation activities, Central Boat Rentals, Inc. can offer an experienced management team, a diverse equipment list and an extensive network of tugboat and barge operators. Our office is staffed 24-hours – ready to serve you.